A New Digital Currency With Intrinsic Value

Adapted from Bitcoin, Phoenix Digital Currency mixes the benefits of an old-style Swiss bank account with advanced protection against devaluation.

Learn about Phoenix Digital Currency

Payment Solutions

Whether you would like to develop an exchange, mine transactions, create your own digital currency, offer in-store loyalty payments or simply understand how to send and receive payments, this is the place to start.

Learn how Phoenix Digital Currency's decentralised point-of-sale solutions could bring 600000 jobs to the US and millions more worldwide.

  • Open Network

    Phoenix Digital Currency is run on an open peer-to-peer network by people like you

  • Open Source

    LibPhoenix, an open source library, powers Phoenix Digital Currency clients and exchanges

  • Mine At Home

    Phoenix Digital Currency employs a novel architecture to permit home mining

Fixed Valuation and Dollar Pegging

Learn how the Phoenix Digital Currency eliminates devaluation providing an iron-clad guarantee any capital within the network will be unaffected by devaluation of fiat currencies.

  • Dollar Pegging

    Learn how Phoenix Digital Currency tracks the value of the Dollar

  • Fixed Valuation

    Learn how Phoenix Digital Currency protects your capital in stormy weathers.

Key Features

Some key features of Phoenix Digital Currency and LibPhoenix

"If I say I'm a Phoenix, a Phoenix I am."
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